i like being obsessed with things so that im distracted from how much i hate myself

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i hate small talk

tell me about how lonely you are or tell me about why you keep waking up in the morning or talk to me about your mum’s eyes and your dad’s laugh. I don’t care about the weather and you don’t care about how my job’s going.

I’m so fucking in love with this.

yo, seriously

how can i blacklist all posts like this can people just tag them #pseudo profound john green shit so i never have to see them

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wow my brother was telling me this joke and he said

"if you’re fighting with a woman and she pulls a knife on you, just pull out the bread and cheese and meat and her womanly instincts will kick in and she’ll just make you a sandwich"

then all of a sudden our mom emerges from the kitchen holding a huge ass knife and she approaches my brother asking “sorry what was that?” and he started screaming

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remember when you thought a thousand dollars was a lot of money.

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Addams Family Values (1993)

Gomez knows how its fucking done.

Gomez is the man

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"It is not just sexual assault survivors who need their abortion covered. Yes, there is an added dimension of cruelty when you’re talking about denying women who get pregnant as a result of rape care and coverage. But we cannot create a hierarchy of “good” and “bad” abortions. Or of “deserving” women. One in three American women will have an abortion, and the circumstances behind that pregnancy is none of our business—and it certainly should have no bearing on whether or not women can afford to access care."

Jessica Valenti, Please Don’t Call it ‘Rape Insurance’: Michigan’s Anti-Choice Bill Hurts All Women (via rhrealitycheck)

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Juggies might need to be euthanized. I have to wait until Tuesday. It’s either euthanasia or risk the operation which costs hundreds and only a 25% chance of survival… I don’t know what to do. Either way I’ll be losing my little baby soon.

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